Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Alabama Congressman Mike Rogers stopped in at JRBC Packaging Solutions to talk with owner, Renee Wilkerson. She gave him a tour and then they spent 45 minutes talking about JRBC, small businesses in general, and politics. 

This is what was posted on his site about the visit, "In Pell City, Rogers added he was impressed by the outstanding work done at the JRBC Packaging Solutions and also at the Goodgame Company. “We should all be proud of what East Alabama’s entrepreneurs and workers are doing in this challenging economy,” he said. “Alabama has the best workforce in America, and it really shows in the great work these folks are doing.”

Link to Congressman Mike Rogers site about the visit.

Thank you Mike Rogers for taking the time to visit us at JRBC, and for supporting small woman owned businesses like JRBC!